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Omega De Ville Prestige

The Omega De Ville Prestige is the essence and memory of the De Ville series and represents its origin. Thus, vintage is the focus of this series. But that doesn't imply that you have to miss out on Omega's innovative spirit.  More

Omega De Ville Prestige
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Purchase a Pre-owned Omega De Ville Prestige Watch

Experience all the variations of Omega's most popular dress watch

The De Ville was launched around 1960 as part of the Seamaster series and was named one of Omega's official dress watches. In 1967, it was separated from the Seamaster series and given its own listing in the catalog. From there, the De Ville series has developed its very own history and tradition, leading to numerous sub-series. Imagine the De Ville Prestige series as an exclusive lexicon with 247 different references, where you can read about the development of the De Ville series and experience it on your wrist. It' s easy to lose track with so many choices. For a basic overview, the De Ville Prestige collection can be divided into four sub-series:

  • First, there is the Co-Axial 36.8 mm Chronometer, which is available in 18-carat red or yellow gold, a two-color version or classic in stainless steel. The dial varies depending on the case type. However, you can choose between the colors silver, blue, champagne, black and white.

  • The De Ville Prestige Power Reserve Co-Axial is equipped with a power reserve indicator and is driven by a caliber 2627. The models feature leather straps and a 39 mm case in red, white and yellow gold, as well as stainless steel.

  • The widest selection is offered by the Co-Axial Chronometer series with a 39.5 mm wide case that is available in numerous material combinations. The 18-carat red and yellow gold models have a silver or blue dial, while the white gold models have a white dial with blue hands as the standard.

  • The De Ville 50th Anniversary Prestige Collection celebrates the long history of the De Ville series with a white enamel dial featuring the traditional gold cases. It comes with a leather strap standard.

Vintage, but not Outdated

Omega De Ville Prestige Watches Impress with a Powerful Calibre

The models in the De Ville Prestige series are similar in size and profile to the older Omega models, making them particularly suitable for narrow wrists. The cases range from 36 to 39 mm in size. The vintage feel is also reflected in the workmanship: the transition from the satin-finished look to the highly polished case is somewhat more pronounced here than what one is used to from the integrated styles of more recent Seamaster models. The dial is available in various color and embellishment combinations. It can also be equipped with diamonds, depending on the model and availability.

An automatic movement is standard inside these models – the Omega caliber 2500 – which based on the caliber 1120 that was introduced in 1994 and is a very stark modification on the ETA2892-A2. Omega also offers a more affordable sub-series of the De Ville Prestige series, which runs on quartz movements

A Price Comparison of Omega De Ville Prestige Models

  • Can't choose between gold and stainless steel? You don't have to. The Omega De Ville Prestige 4374.31.00 is available as a two-tone version with a three-piece stainless steel bracelet. The model is among the 36.8 mm chronometers and is available second-hand with certificate from as little as € 2,800.

  • One example of the 39.5 mm chronometer is the Omega with Ref. 424., which pays homage to Omega's partnership with ORBIS International, the flying eye hospital. The aquamarine dial features Orbis’ signature color and is engraved with the distinctive Orbis teddy bear, which also adorns the back of the case. By purchasing the Omega De Ville Prestige 424. for € 2,640, you also make a charitable contribution: Omega donates a portion of the proceeds to Orbis.

  • Do you like the concept of Omega's Orbis collaboration, but don't want to miss out on diamonds? With the affordable Omega De Ville Prestige 424. you can purchase a timepiece with eight premium diamonds placed between the quarter-hour indicators. At Watchmaster, you can buy this model at the very attractive price of around €2,650.

  • Another example of a 36.8 mm chronometer is Ref. 4617.31.02. This model is fitted with a yellow gold case, bezel and indices, as well as a white dial. You can purchase the Omega De Ville Prestige 4617.31.02 directly from Watchmaster for a pre-owned price of €4,490 or from as little as €86 per month.

Discover other series by Omega

  • Omega's classic is the Speedmaster Moonwatch, which will make you feel weightless. Its robust construction, exclusive special editions and lasting value make it an excellent investment.

  • Omega's flagship and bestseller is the Omega Constellation, which is available in a variety of materials and versions, such as chronograph or day-date. The design with the four claws and the golden star, however, always remains iconic.

  • For the more experimental side of the brand, have a look at the Omega Flightmaster The three crowns, two buttons and seven hands may look a little overwhelming at first, but the color scheme makes operation very intuitive. The variations in this series are simply fun and will delight watch lovers.

Omega’s social efforts: A partnership with Orbis

Orbis International is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that was founded in 1982 and is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of blindness and visual impairmentin disadvantaged regions and developing countries. In addition to long-term collaborations with local hospitals, Orbis also has a plane, which has been converted into a flying eye hospital. Orbis has been active in up to 92 countries, including Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Vietnam. Omega began supporting Orbis in its mission in 2011 by designing a teddy bear as the official mascot for the dials of the Orbis models. This is just one of Omega's many social commitments. The company is also involved in marine conservation and supporting solar energy.

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