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Breitling Colt Quartz

The Colt Quartz is a low-priced entry-level model from Breitling. Originally developed for military use, it has retained its original design language until today. Find your Breitling Colt Quartz model – new, vintage or used.  More

Breitling Colt Quartz
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Buy Breitling Colt Quartz watches new, vintage and pre-owned

Quick and easy: Finance your Colt Quartz watch

A pre-owned Breitling Colt Quartz is usually cheaper than a new one. However, when buying second-hand luxury watches, it is important to be careful and only buy from trusted dealers. Watchmaster, as the market leader for certified pre-owned luxury watches, has quartz models of the Colt series on offer at all times, all comprehensively refurbished and guaranteed to be authentic. You can conveniently pay for your new favourite piece by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer, or alternatively, finance your Colt Quartz. Create an individual instalment plan in the ordering process, set the term and down payment amount according to your wishes and expect your new watch in just a few days.

What are the features of the watches?

The one Breitling Colt does not exist. It comes in countless variations, big or small, automatic or quartz movement, with a leather, rubber or metal bracelet – in addition, there is an impressive variety of dial colours. When looking at a Breitling Colt Quartz, however, the striking bezel always strikes the eye first. The indices engraved in it are an optical recognition feature. Even more demonstrative, almost challenging, the four tabs present themselves at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock. They ensure even easier adjustment of the bezel and also provide good protection of the watch crystal. The aforementioned tabs can also be found on the Chronomat and the Galactic, they are considered a trademark of Breitling..

In 2011, Breitling launched an attempt to establish the popular Breitling Colt without the distinctive tabs on the bezel (Ref. A7338710 and Ref. A7438710). But this new design turned into a dead end. After more and more calls from customers of the company, the Breitling Colt collection was three years later back again with the characteristic tabs on the bezel. One thing that never got lost, are the big luminous indices of the watch. As it is waterproof up to a depth of 200 metres, it is a great advantage when diving or being in difficult lighting conditions, the watch is easy to read. But even in daylight, the readability is very good thanks to its double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

The current collection of the Breitling Colt Quartz

New and pre-owned Breitling Colt models are characterised by many variations. In the repertoire of the current collection, all but the Breitling Colt Automatic are operated by the renowned SuperQuartz ™ movement. It is ten times more accurate than conventional quartz movements.

  • The Breitling Colt Quartz (Ref. A7438811/BD45/173A) is relatively inexpensive for a new model with a price of €2,840. Yet it contains more than just the SuperQuartz™ movement. Luminescent hour markers and hands as well as the robust, anti-reflective sapphire crystal guarantee good legibility. The water resistance of up to 200 metres makes it the ideal watch for diving.

  • The pre-owned Breitling Colt Quartz (Ref. A73350) from 2004 is priced at €1,550. The case has a diameter of 38 mm and is made of stainless steel. Three additional totalizers stand out visually in white against the blue dial, and the bezel has the classic four tabs. The reference A73350 is also available with a blue dial and white totalisers or with a black dial and white totalisers.

  • The used Breitling Colt Quartz (Ref. A64350) from 2002 is priced at around €1,110. With a case diameter of 38 mm, it is a somewhat smaller model for men, but it does not forego the striking design and impresses with a black dial.

  • The Breitling Colt Quartz (Ref. A53050) has a steel case and bezel, a case diameter of 38 mm and is a classic model in the Colt Quartz series. This used Colt Quartz watch is available from €1,540.

Robust watches with a COSC-certified quartz movement

The roots of the current Breitling Colt series are in the 1980s when Breitling designed a men's watch for the military forces. The Breitling Colt Quartz evolved from the functional Breitling Colt Military and is now a very popular model. This is due not only to its multi-faceted appearance but also to its comparatively low market prices.

Except for the Breitling Colt Automatic (Ref. A1738811), all models in the Colt series are powered by one of the best quartz movements available, the Breitling SuperQuartz™. It is up to ten times more precise than other quartz movements of well-known manufacturers. This is because Breitling not only has its chronometers certified by the COSC, but moreover, it is the only manufacturer worldwide to certify all its quartz models. Through intensive testing for accuracy at different temperatures a quartz movement has emerged, which passes the 11-day test without any problems. Despite a relatively modest price, the Breitling Colt Quartz offers first-class quality as it is part of the ambitious Breitling Aeromarine family. Already in the 1990s, the Breitling Colt was considered a true status symbol, the combination of military design language, efficiency and functionality has always convinced watch enthusiasts. The origin of the series has a military purpose, which can still be seen today in the characteristic design language of all Breitling Colt models. Both new and vintage models are convincing with functionality, resistance and readability. Summing up all the characteristics of the Breitling Colt Quartz, it is hardly surprising that it is considered a desirable option not only for entering into the world of Breitling but into the world of luxury watches in general.

Brand ambassadors and loyal Colt Quartz wearers

In addition to acting, John Travolta has a passion for aviation and likes to fly a plane in his spare time. With this background, it seems plausible that he became one of Breitling’s official brand ambassadors in 2005. Travolta could be seen in advertising campaigns for the Breitling Navitimer, but privately, among others, owns a Breitling Colt Quartz watch. The same counts for football star David Beckham. He was the official face of the Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime from 2012 until 2017. Privately, the athlete has some high-profile watches, including many Breitling watches such as a Breitling Colt Quartz.

Other interesting Breitling series

  • The Avenger Series is particularly robust and intended for professional use. In 2013, the new generation was introduced with the Avenger II Seawolf and Avenger II GMT.

  • The Superocean is a classic diver's watch that impresses with its water resistance. With its unidirectional rotating bezel, it is the perfect companion not only underwater.

  • The Navitimer is a classic icon among pilot's watches. Its characteristic slide rule bezel has also made it very popular outside the aviation world thanks to its high recognition value.

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